Muslim Society

Author: Ernest Gellner
Type: eBook
Date Released: 1983
Format: pdf
Language: English
Page Count: 276
Isbn10 Code: 0521274079
Isbn13 Code: 9780521274074

Review 'The boldest and most ingenious ... attempt in recent years to present a general account of the fundamental features of social life in the Islamic World.' Clifford Geertz, New York Review of Books 'Building on the Khaldunian core Professor Gellner has provided us with a series of brilliant essays whose sustained originality, compact argumentation and pervasive wit cannot be adequately described in a review of limited length.' Serif Mardin, Government and Opposition 'The vast amount of information it contains, together with the questions which it successfully raises, makes this in any case the kind of exposé that can be read with genuine intellectual pleasure. Whatever the debate it may provoke amongst specialists, it has enriched the way in which we look at the Muslim world.' Jacques Berque, The Times Literary Supplement 'His conclusions are supported by a keen observation and wide knowledge of his subject, but because they are based exclusively on the North African political scence, how applicable they are elsewhere in the Muslim world remains a question. Nevertheless, Gellner has made an important contribution to the study of Islamic culture.' Abbas Kelidar, SOAS Bulletin 'Brilliant work ... Professor Gellner has continued a work to this field that all scholars of Islam, and especially those who uphold the faith, must read with care.' M. A. Zaki Badawi, Arabia 'The revival of Islam ... proves to be an apparently insuperable obstacle to modernization, Western-style. From Morocco to Indonesia there are signs of unrest, of the desire for 'purification', with Iran merely the most spectacular illustration. Professor Ernest Gellner is almost uniquely qualified to discuss the implications of this development.' Ralf Dahrendorf, Millenium: Journal of International Studies ' ... the first essay ... which is much the longest in the book ... I consider ... to be of outstanding importance. It should be compulsory reading for all novice readers of social anthropology.' Sir Edmund Leach, New Society Book Description Why contemporary Islam is able to support austerely traditional and conservative regimes as well as revolutionary ones is the subject of this collection of essays. Professor Gellner's position is supported by a series of case studies and critical evaluations of rival interpretations.

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